We’re Gettin Hectic.

We’re an experiential marketing agency. We create experiences that change the way people feel about your brand …and that changes the way they behave towards it.

There’s a big difference between the way you feel about something and what you know about it.

The way you feel about a brand plays a massive role in whether you buy it or not. Let’s be honest, there’s little actual difference between the brands you buy and the brands you don’t.

What we do

We use experience to target people’s feelings.

Giving people the opportunity to experience a brand for themselves, even in a small way, allows them to connect with it on a number of different physical, emotional and sensory levels.

That connection is far more powerful than just seeing the latest marketing message.

That’s the power of experience.


We hope that one or two things that you see on this site will stay with you and will spring to mind at the right time... and that you'll give us a buzz. We'd love to tell you more about how we apply this approach to everything that we do.

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